Getting Started…

After 14 years in mobile, I’ve finally taken the plunge and decided to start a blog.

But why? Blogs are notoriously hungry and need feeding with unwieldy amounts of content to keep them thriving. I’ve seen many of the greatest brains I’ve worked with leave their blogs as bleak lamentations of the pressures of time – the ‘day job’. And worst of all perhaps, I’ve seen beautifully tended and well-thought pieces disappear into the air of web-indifference.

I shall try to avoid all of these, but even if SomeDigitalThinking succumbs to the third, I will be happy if I’ve delivered something to avoid the others.

I think I can do it in two ways:

  • Firstly I will try to be original AND on-topic. The worst kind of blogs are when people state the obvious. How many pieces have I been led to by distracting headlines such as ‘The Future of mCommerce is Here’ or similar, only to discover that the content contains barely more than the headline.
  • Secondly, I will be open, I will cast out the theories I have on technology, marketing, media and brands for open discussion.

So what will it be about?

Every few months I have a thought or theory that, in the beautiful moment of its birth, I think is going to revolutionise the industry and change the way we think about everything. Most of the time these thoughts are enough to win a pitch or launch a project, but I almost always feel that’s not enough, and that I want to ‘set them free’ to see what happens.

At the very least I want to get a broader opinion, as there’s no idea so good it can’t be improved (or debunked!) by a second set of eyes.

And then other stuff – I have a wealth of other material to share and will be hopefully creating plenty more in my new job at Roundarch Isobar in the US.

Do get in touch – I’d love to hear your comments…

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