A contention – Apple to buy Amex?


I write this post for Mobile Marketer after reading so many ‘thought leadership’ articles that failed to address the core mobile payments issue of credit card handling. With the death of NFC there appears to be no answer to this question, unless something grand and dramatic were to happen.

This provocation is one of those potential happenings…


With the release of the iPhone 5S and 5C, we saw the death of mobile payment as we know it, and the hundreds of thousands of NFC-enabled retailers across the world are now scratching their heads about what to do next.

But why has Apple been so violently opposed to the NFC standard that the rest of the payments industry has adopted?

The answer lies in Apple’s proven business model, which is based on a relentless desire to own outright any value chain in which they play a part. In short –it wants all of the pie, not just a thin slice.

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Author, Tim Dunn.

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