Mobile advertising is rubbish

OK, so I’m quite well known as a fan of mobile advertising – it’s paid part of my wages for a few years now.

But just when you think you think the industry is hitting the mainstream, and everyone kind of knows what they’re doing, you get this… (click the image to see it large)


Firstly, what’s up with the Guardian’s mobile website having this terrible sideways scroll? Not only does the interface resize into 84pt when you hit back from a story, but it means that a good chunk of this banner is off the screen.

That hardly matters of course as it’s a static banner which makes no attempt to explain what it is. Launch a brand new complex product? In a 320 x 50? Sure, why not! I’m a huge advocate of the power of storytelling possible from the tiniest formats, and a couple of frames bringing out the key attributes of this product, whatever it is, would have made all the difference.

And then the click-through… I’m not entirely sure I would understand this product, even if I saw it on desktop, so this is still a bit of a mystery.

It’s remarkable that this campaign is likely being run on a premium network at a high CPM, so the owners of Rerun might as well be taking a match and some kerosene to a nice pile of crisp $50 bills for every hour this is being served.

Trebles all round for everyone involved!

Author, Tim Dunn.

I'm Director of Mobile at Roundarch Isobar. While I've specialised in mobile for over 13 years, I now work across broad digital marketing strategy, and am interested in interactions, UX, media and marketing theory, and innovation of almost any description. Click About Me for more and info and what this blog is about. Follow me on Twitter @timmcdunn or connect on LinkedIn

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